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Our services

We offer expert services in forensic delay, forensic planning analysis, and quantum analysis. We base our analysis on international standards popularized by professional associations such as AACEi.  

We intervene as an expert witness in claims and mediation phases as well as during litigation procedures.

Our ability to fully understand the complex issues you encounter is our forte. This skill allows us to build demonstrations and illustrations to convince your co-contractors of the validity of your demands.

We propose personalized services for all phases of project and contract management.

In the bid phase, we provide review of bid documentation, bids, consistency of documentation ...

During the execution phase, we offer drafting and review of notification letters, follow-up of deadlines, claims, validation of the consistency of work schedules with your contractual commitments...

In the closing phase, we provide drafting and presentation of your claims brief.

In the litigation phase, we offer expert witness, participation in negotiation, expertise, and arbitration meetings.

We offer training sessions in our fields of expertise. Our courses are offered in two main formats which can be adapted to your needs:

A classic training format over a short fixed period or an action/training format that allows support and monitoring of learning over a longer term.

This last modality is the guarantee of a complete appropriation of knowledge and practices by your employees.

Services & prestations

Our areas of intervention

We operate in all technical specialities of the construction industry.  

Our different experiences, the cases handled to date, and our agility have led us to work in the following different sectors:

Hydraulic works | Metal construction | Energy and electricity production (nuclear, hydraulic, WWTP, gas turbine) | Building | Transport | Engineering structure and civil engineering | Road and utilities | Mechanical assembly | Industrial piping

Secteurs d'intervention

About us

Claims and dispute issues in the construction industry arise from the convergence of contractual and technical complexities.

In addition to these complexities, there is a recurring imbalance between mastered technical knowledge and misplaced trust during all contractual phases due to poorly mastered contract law. We believe that it is only by improving the level of knowledge and understanding of the links between contract and technical system that one can build real trust between the parties. This is the foundation of our work philosophy.

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PhD in Complex 

Systems Engineering



Master of Business Administration (MBA)


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MsC Construction and Engineering 


À propos

Conferences and publications 



Bolifraud, S., & Stal-Le Cardinal, J. (2019). How a Better Understanding of Relation can Increase Responsibility between Stakeholders? Proceedings of the Design Society: International Conference on Engineering Design, 1 (1), 1155-1164. doi: 10.1017 / dsi.2019.121

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Bolifraud, S., Cryonnet, J., & Stal-Le Cardinal, J. (2020). How a better  representation of contractual relations can help to design better contracts. Proceedings of the Design Society: DESIGN Conference, 1, 531-540. doi: 10.1017 / dsd.2020.30

Logo CentraleSupelec.png - Sylvain Bolifraud, How to reduce uncertainty in construction industry - Focus on contractual aspects


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Founding president of the professional group "Contract, Risks and Projects" which aims to disseminate knowledge on issues of contract management, project management and risk management, by organizing conferences accessible to all.


Presentation of scientific works before private working groups (CODIR, Club of managers, etc.) on the subject of contractual and claim management.


Design and delivery of training on delay analysis, contract management (organization of the body of knowledge, development and facilitation of case studies)

Conférences & publications

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